Goodbye to Zoozical. Hello to CatKnees

The expiration for has come up and I’ve decided not to renew it. I’ve decided to go ahead and finish the site that I’ve wanted to do now for quite some time. CatKnees is play on my last name and once again I must credit Ms. Karen Kurycki with helping name it. She has also started a pretty sweet¬†site where she creates some pretty crazy water-color images (she says it best as: An illustrated collection of absurd/funny/silly statements overheard…kind of like “Kids Say the Darndest Things” for adults):

Zoozical had it’s place, but CatKnees is where it’s now at (well not yet, but soon)

Have a good day ūüôā

OH…quick stats for while I remember:

Zoozical: May 2008- February 2011
Overall views: 19,433
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New Chapter

Well, Yvette is gone. This past¬†Saturday I dropped my motorcycle off in Tallahasee. It has been sold. I did well on it. I figure the whole experience of having a motorcycle with tires, service, parts, accessories, and a speeding ticket probably only cost me a total of $1,000 after I have sold everything. That’s pretty good I think for enjoying something for over 3 years. That’s¬†a little less¬†than a $1 a day. I tried to show as many people how to ride on it as I could. I just really wanted everybody to enjoy it as much as me. It was a sad day, but I had my fun and now it’s done.

December/November Update:
December and November were quite the busy months, as I’m sure they were for everyone. Sam and I went and did a quick run through of 2 Disney Parks (Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom) around Thanksgiving to get into the Christmas spirit. We even enjoyed an awesome dinner in Germany within Epcot.

Movember! Jacksonville kicked some booty in Movember this year. We raised over $14,000 and worldwide the organization brought in over $60,000,000. YeeehaW

Movember - Jacksonville - Before and After

New Years though took the cake for good times. Exhausting, but good. My friend Jon, his fiance Dominique, her sister and husband, and Sam and I all met up at Epcot around 3:00 in the afternoon New Years Eve. It was the busiest I had ever seen the parks. They closed Magic Kingdom at around 10:00 am due to capacity. They wouldn’t even let you park at the transportation and ticket center or take the monorail from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom.

Well on to a new chapter and a new year.

My Motorcycle for Sale – Suzuki Bandit – SOLD


Well I have had Yvette,¬†my motorcycle, for just about 3 years and it’s time to let her roam free to the next owner. In that time I haven’t received any major injuries and I’ve learned quite a bit about engines and myself. I can now mark this off my list of accomplishments/things I did in my life. I’m glad I did it. I absolutely loved it. I still truly love it.

You may wonder why I named my moto Yvette. Well, the movie Clue is one of my favorites and Colleen Camp’s character, Yvette, ¬†is quite….awesome. Yeah, lets just say awesome again…Awesome!

I’m selling the bike for the sole reason that I’m just done with motorcycles all together. I wanted to end on a high note and just completed a 4 day 1,000 mile ride to the Great Smoky Mountains. It was incredible but I have taken as much of a chance as I want to take with it. Nothing is owed on the bike, it’s not a financial burden, it runs like a champ, and requires very little maintenance.

History/Description of the Bike:
The motorcycle¬†is a 1996 Suzuki Bandit GSF600. It’s a very deep, dark green color that almost looks black. I purchased the bike on December 23, 2007 from a Student at the University of Southern Florida.¬†He purchased it from a dealership in Tampa where the original owner traded it in.

When I purchased the bike it had it’s original tires, and just over 4,000 (original) miles on it. The previous owner only rode it around campus to class. He was an exchange student and didn’t want a scooter.¬†I personally have done all the oil changes and maintenance myself except the most recent oil change. The bike currently has around 8,500 miles on it. When I first purchased the bike I took the carbs out and cleaned each one. I put on a pair of Metzeler Sportec tires and¬†they now have close to 3, 000 miles on them. I also changed the spark plugs, and at that time checked¬†each cylinders pressure with a pressure test¬†gauge. Everything is nice and sealed.

Since I have owned the bike, 2007, it has been garage kept.

Cosmetic Changes
I took the front fairing off the bike and replaced it with a 7″ round chrome headlight.¬† I have also installed a fender eliminator on the rear end, as well as low-profile LED blinkers on the front and rear. This updated the look of the bike and (improved?) the ride.

Recent Work:
On October 16 of this year I took the bike to Beach Blvd. Motorsports. They made sure everything was in tip top shape, changed the oil, and did a full safety inspection.

Recent Trip:
On October 21-24 I drove the bike over 1,000 miles from Jacksonville, FL to Gatlinburg, TN with varying speeds of 20-96 mph through cold, mountains, heat and I didn’t have a single mechanical problem. I took the bike on the Tail of the Dragon and had a blast doing it. It’s not a sport racing bike, but it handles much better than a cruiser. It was the most fun I’ve ever had.

Cosmetic Issues:
There are some small scratches on the ends¬†of the¬†mirrors, bar ends, and the left rear passenger handle. All pieces are very functional, but the bike has fallen over 2 or 3 times while I have owned it. The bike is typically parked on its center stand. In my previous apartment my neighbor, who I shared a garage with, nudged the rear tire with his car. The bike fell off of the stand, and the neighbor just left it claiming he just saw it like that. I was at work at the time, and gasoline leaked from the gas cap down the side of the tank.¬† The gasoline sat on the clear coat for almost 6 hours causing a 3″¬†x 1″ weird spot (in the clear coat) on the right side of the tank. The color is still perfect, but the clear coat on the tank could be touched up. This happened 1.5 years ago and I have not had any¬†mechanical issues from this, only the clear coat flaw.

For Sale Details:
I’m offering just the bike, but also offering a “Starter Kit” for anybody purchasing their first bike, in need of all the extras…this “Starter Kit” will include every single thing I have for the motorcycle.

Just bike:
1996 Suzuki Bandit GSF600 Unfaired with 8,500 miles. $1,800.

Everything (Starter Kit): $2,000

  • 1996 Suzuki Bandit GSF600 Unfaired with 8,500 miles
  • Large Armored Icon Pursuit Jacket with no flaws and rain liner. (Retail: $200)
  • 2 large Airoh Helmets straight from Germany (Retail $300 each with shipping: flat black Mathisse RS and shiny black TR1)
  • Armored Icon Pursuit Summer Gloves (Retail: $50)
  • Armored Speed and Strength Hell N Back Winter Gauntlets (used these in the mountains in 40 degree weather, super warm!) (Retail: $70)
  • Balaclava (Face/Neck Cover for Winter)
  • lubricants, oil filter, cylinder pressure test¬†gauge ($50)
  • GSF600 Mechanics E-Manual

Recent Cartoons

So recently I’ve made a few cartoons. I’ve shared them with some people, but I wanted to post them:

(apologies to the vulgar ones, but I think when inanimate objects curse it’s quite funny)

It's an Oyster saying Schucks!

A classic electric fan hazing the New Dyson Fan

Frylock from Aqua Team Hunger Force stating a fact.

Go French or Go Home

Ariva vs. BidQuote Non-Vulgar

Not Approriate Cartoons, but Oh Well!

Logo Name Calling

A Strong Angry Chair.

Thanks for checking out.

Personal Stories

My memory is not the greatest in the world, but I love telling stories…if I can remember them.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to unload all of my favorite stories into this blog with pictures…so I’m actually excited about this.

This will be really handy when I’m an old man telling some stories I’ll remember now to keep retelling the same story.

This Just In: This Blog Has Been Updated

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, but here we are.


This was a great month for work. Adecco (Modis) has made me permanent at the company. Now I get benefits and healthcare….wooo! It has been a few years on the healthcare, but my mom is hyped about it.

I have cut my hours at Dos Gatos to only working ArtWalk. I love this job, but the late hours were killing me. J and Joy really have been some of the most understanding/awesome bosses I’ve ever worked with and J taught me quite a bit about the inner workings of a bar and I bet I barely scratched the surface. J if you happen to read this, thank you for giving me the chance to work for you and Joy. I truly appreciate it.

On another note,¬†women think chivalry is dead, but I think a general respect for your fellow man/woman is just in the gutter now-a-days. Especially in respects to the bro code….read it….live by it. No one ever went wrong by giving somebody respect. It’s kind of like not drinking (J don’t read this): No one has ever said man I was so sober last night that me and my buddy got into a fight, spent a night in jail, and I have the worst headache!


This week I might be going to Vampire Weekend with Beach House opening for them, but I will def. be seeing the Flaming Lips on Friday at the St. Augustine Amphitheater though with my very amazing woman. Please see picture above for an amazing shot of what’s to come.

From the evening of 20th until late the 24th will be my Smoky Trip Do Over. It’s going to be cold, but I can’t wait. I’m scared, nervous and excited all at once. I bought the “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” , the 1974 philosophical novel, to keep me company. If you don’t know anything about the book it’s not what it seems.

The next week for Halloween I will be visiting my little sister up in Brooklyn. I’m very excited to see my sister operating on her own and for her and I to get some time together. It’s been way too long. She has a speakeasy she wants to take me too…..way to go sis!

Upcoming November:
Movember starts Nov. 1 with the Shaving Party at Dos Gatos. Get your baby face on and let your upper lip know it won’t be cold for too long….there’s a stache on its way. This is the same event I did last year as well to help raise money for prostate and testicular cancer. Join me!

Later that month I will be running Thanksgiving Outback Classic Half Marathon and will be volunteering with Sam at a soup kitchen (not sure which one) later that day…..

It should all be a great time. I have to say this has easily been a great year and appreciate all my friends for helping make it happen.

Hard Work

I want to work hard….really hard and kick the ever living shit out of something.

Not physically beat something up, but I’m searching for a goal.

I want to feel accomplished, but¬†in something I’m totally uncomfortable in. This means something involving my brain.

Goals that I keep getting distracted from:

  • Learn Spanish – I have Rosetta Stone, but I get bored and distracted
  • Relearn Guitar – I took lessons as a kid and I remember some, but¬† I busted a string and I just haven’t been to a guitar store yet.
  • Learn the violin – I was given a violin for my birthday this year because I always wanted to play. I’m actually¬†pretty intimidated by it.
  • Masters – I would like to get my Masters. The only thing that’s hold me back from doing this is my lack of interest of what I’m doing. I have a degree in Marketing, but I can’t say that I get HYPED about what I do, but who does.
  • Read a book – I’ve only read a few ever. I was in the habit, but I have fallen out of it and I’ve been stuck on the same book now for almost 3 months. I’m currently on page 30. (update: I changed books and now I’ve almost read half of it in 2 days. What sucks is I really wanted to like the other book.)
  • Go back to school – My friend Karen talked me into looking into going back to school to learn something I enjoy. I looked into this for a few months…I requested information from schools, but nothing ever came and then I was distracted….and here we are

I’m so bored, but I’ve never been so busy in my life. I’m making the most money I’ve ever made. I have more toys than anybody could ask for. I have a group of new friends that all live in the same building as me and we go and party…but there is a big hole


I¬†return texts, emails, and phone calls immediately. I don’t know why, but it’s what I do. I feel a little OCD about it. I try to ignore it, but the more I try the more my fingers itch to write back. This is the reason I leave my phone at home sometimes¬†and love not having the internet (which is no longer the case).

What sucks is not everyone feels the same as me about returning messages….so I’m left starring at my email and phone like a dog waiting for somebody to come home.

Side Note: Saw Despicable Me last night….Hilarious!

I Couldn’t Be Louder

Theodore Roosevelt: Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Anonymous Quote: The loudest person in the room is the weakest.

Silent, but deadly.

I couldn’t be louder.

Kind of Wish

I kind of wish I would started this blog anonymously. I’m not embarassed about my current content, but I there are certain things I would like to talk about that I don’t want people to know where it came from.

Blog at