Lots of Great Change

Carrying change in your pocket really sucks…unless its quarters. I don’t mind carrying  quarters becaues you can put them in a parking meter, give them to a bum or do like a super wish in a wishing well.

Well lets just say that I’m carrying a fistful of quarters at the moment. (speaking of which, if you have a chance go rent, watch, download King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters….it’s an awesome movie)

I was laid off from my accounting job on 4/15 (end of tax) season, but I was super excited about it. I headed up to the Smokey National Park that day to go backpacking. It was wonderful, but my friend who came along decided he didn’t really want to hike and so we cut the trip really short and hiked about 8 miles instead of the original 30. Lame, but still a great time.

I’m going to go again, but next on my motorcycle and by myself!

As soon as I got back from the trip (no joke I mean that night) I got a job as a barback at one of the slickest bars in Jacksonville (Dos Gatos) and started the very next night. Then about 5 days later I had an interview with Adecco/MPS group (they’re in the giant Modis (they are modis actually) building downtown) and I landed a job with them the very next day writing proposals for their Strategic Sales Department.

The sweetest part of it all is that because they ran out of cubicles they gave me an office on the 9th floor the overlooks the The Jacksonville Landing and the Main St. bridge….I don’t have it for too long, but it’s sweet for now.

This is my view, but I’m 9th floor and this from around the 25th.

Next week I move into 11E. I’m so excited. I’ve honestly toured that place the last 5 times I’ve had to move, but for some reason or another it didn’t make sense for me to go there. Now I don’t have a gas bill so I can afford it….wooo!

I don’t want to come off as if I’m bragging. I’m just excited to be in two jobs I really like and moving to a place that should be pretty cool.  My Adecco job is temp to perm at the moment so I could be let go and my Dos Gatos job in essentially a dishwashing job, but I don’t care….I’m really enjoying both at the moment.

So, I hope to see a ton of my friends Downtown more often (that means Sarah, Sean and Karen….because you guys may be the only people who read this thing….and I only included Sean in this list because he is updated by Sarah 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lots of Great Change

  1. i AM reading this! haha. Congrats on the job (our friend katie erdman works for adecco too, but from her home) & the soon-to-be new apartment! Excited to see you (ie. us) out & about more 🙂

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