And Now it is Finished!

So it has been a long time since I’ve had a chance to update, but here it goes.

It’s been 2 months and here is the run down:


Thanksgiving Half Marathon:

Thanksgiving Outback Classic 2009 - Jacksonville, FL

Thanksgiving Outback Classic 2009 - Jacksonville, FL

Movember – A mustache growing event that helps raise funds for Testicular and Prostate cancer awareness. Yes…you read that right.

Movember - Jacksonville, FL - ClubTSI

Movember - Jacksonville, FL - ClubTSI


Cruise (pictures to come) – Super awesome, but the ocean was angry my friends.

Christmas (no pictures, but was awesome) – My first Colombian Christmas. They celebrate on Christmas Eve at midnight with a ton of food and drinks and a big sleep over with family and friends.

New years: Partied downtown with my b.e.a.utiful lady downtown at the landing with all my buds.


The big January has arrived. The Disney Marathon I had been training for since September finally arrived. I was super slow. I wanted 4 hours, but ended with 5:12. I just wasn’t expecting what was to come. I first only trained up to 17 miles, the race is 26.2. It started at 5:30 a.m. at Epcot and runs through all 4 parks, but with 10-15,000 people trying to get to the park at once I had to be up at 3:30 and head to the park by 4:00. I barely made the start and it was only a :15 min drive. The traffic was a mad house. The weather was 17 degrees out that morning, but for the half marathon the day before there was snow and sleet. Ouch!

The day before the race though I had a great idea to dress like Mickey for the run. I don’t know if I would of finished if I wouldn’t of dressed up. So many people were screaming “Go Mickey!!!!” and little kids were like “LOOK!!!!”. It was pretty awesome. Thanks Mr. Mouse.

Jessie made my shorts and then surprised me by picking me up at the finish line dressed like Minnie. She’s such a cutie. (pics to come of us together. Camera needs to be developed…old school).

Disney Marathon 2010 - Castle

Disney Marathon 2010 - Castle

Disney Marathon 2010 - Finish

Disney Marathon 2010 - Finish

Disney Marathon 2010

Disney Marathon 2010

Lastly was the “Race 5 to keep kids alive” this past weekend at Treaty Oak and then throughout the bridges. It was fun and I was proud of my time. It was a total last minute race. If you don’t believe look at my race number! Literally I paid my entrance fee with 10 min. before start. I had just come from the Pancake House after eating…pancakes and I felt so terrible afterwards, but it helps children.

It’s a terrible picture and looks kind of flamboyant (not that there’s anything wrong with that),  but it’s the only one I have.

Run 5 to keep kids alive - Jacksonville, FL 1/30/10

Run 5 to keep kids alive - Jacksonville, FL 1/30/10


4 thoughts on “And Now it is Finished!

    • Thanks Sarah! I really appreciate that. You and Sean should do the Thanksgiving run this year with me. I would love to get a big group and “run for downtown” or something.

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