A little Anticlimatic: Forgotten Warrior

It’s been 3 years and I finally beat it!

Forgotten Warrior on my Samsung T509 has been taunting me since I was 23….well HA. I win sir.


This game is the biggest pain in the ass. It’s just flat out hard, but for a cell phone game it’s awesome. I have to thank my night job at the club for allowing me the time to play with my cellphone during the early hours of the night.

Forgotten Warrior

Forgotten Warrior

It was a disappointing ending though. You don’t even get to fight the last guy…you climb a ladder and then…boom! you watch the computer take your guy…beat the crap of some other big guy (who doesn’t even move).

You then jump to a little cliff and stand next to the princess you’re saving.  Randomly some old man strolls from the corner of the screen and then it goes black…..the end.

It sort of reminded me of DOOM for my Sega Genesis 32x I had when I was kid. I played the hell out of it, but in the 32x version there is no ending…no final boss. You walk over to a door on the 15th level and bam….the credits roll. The computer version was much better.

Oh man I miss my Genesis/32x/Sega CD combo, but man was it ridiculously huge!




2 thoughts on “A little Anticlimatic: Forgotten Warrior

    • There is not really any trick to it. You just have to constantly wait for the guys to sleep, and you can jump over the projectile attacks. I also never use the magic. I only bought the health. When I beat the game I only had the 2nd level weapon because I spent all my money on health. Hope that helps.

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