Last Night Adventures

What do I normally do on Tuesday….nada…

but this weeks Tuesday was action packed. A couple of buddies and I headed over to Brewster’s Pub and The Pit for some PBR and metal.

We missed the first band downfall, but it didn’t matter. We were there to see one of our favorite local bands, Snore. Their songs Thin and Geronimo are quite good. They label themselves as Grime, Experimental, and Alternative. I label them as a new beginning of rock. The show was great…way to go to guys.

Snore the Band

Snore the Band

The next band was, Philler out of Daytona Beach. I like marketing and I can appreciate gimmicks, but I hate it in the music industry. This band is extremely gimmicky with matching outfits, singing through a bullhorn, make-up, extreme hair….picture Orgy without Blue Monday. Anyway…they were decent, but I think they would of been better without all the hype.

Philler of Daytona Beach

Philler of Daytona Beach

My crew and I then headed over to the wonderful Steamworks in 5 points for a meeting of the beards with The Jacksonville Beardsmith Society. It’s a local chapter of Beard Team USA. It’s really just a reason for us to grow beards and drink beer! You can follow us on all of our sites:
Jacksonville Beardsmith Society

Jacksonville Beardsmith Society


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