TAL 2003

Well I’ve made it. It’s been 7 months of listening to the “This American Life” radio show available on their website (www.thisamericanlife.org) and I’ve now hit year 2003.

One of the most interesting things about listening to a show, that covers current events, backwards is the way you remember events changes. You first get to hear about the results of the scandal and then you get to listen to all the events leading up to it and speculation that is wrong.

At certain points you can even feel a little cocky with your knowledge of the future…like you know what’s up and how could they not see a recession coming or of course that guy is going to win the presidency.

If you ever have a chance to listen to this show then go check it out at www.ThisAmericanLife.org and for anybody who is not sure about it then go check this episode out. It’s  my absolute favorite: 20 Acts in 60 Minutes


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