A couple different things

A couple little updates:

1. I started a new job this past week. I’ve left the fast paced, time consuming black hole of marketing and have now entered the wondrous world of accounting…



2. I’ve also decided to head back to school for web development (the new job allows for this…yesssss!)

3. I’m also starting a little computer company that can pretty much handle any computer needs, but our main service will be for personal computer on-site desktop support. Our website is still underdevelopment, but when it’s up….you’ll know…Oh! you will know. My good friend Karen of www.CMYKaren.com designed our great logo. Check out her projects and previous work. It’s pretty damn cool!

FireAnt Computer Techs logo Designed by www.cmykaren.com

FireAnt Computer Techs logo Designed by http://www.cmykaren.com

4. After checking out my stats on this site I’ve found that Aladdin is no longer a heavily searched topic. It has moved to Cartagena and Colombia. This week I plan on typing up my experiences from the trip and posting them…finally. (its only been like 4 months….geez)

4(a). Also….one of my top searched words was badassness. I just felt that was awesome!


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