Concert Revew: The Faint!

Sorry for my tardiness in my review of last Thursdays (10/23/08) show at the Freebird Live headlining The Faint. I am still recovering from one of the best shows that I have seen.

Summerbirds in the Cellar

Summerbirds in the Cellar

Ok…so to start off I had no idea who was opening. I was hoping that the bands would be good, but they’re opening. I usually find this a good time knock back a few while waiting for the reason why I came. The first band that went on was a Florida group called Summerbirds in the Cellar. They were great….no they weren’t great they were really great. Even with all the other bands equipment on stage they were able to put on good show.  They have an electro indie type sound that I would almost say sounds like Interpol.

Show is the Rainbow

Show is the Rainbow

Next up….a crazy, shirtless, fat, sweaty guy; The Show is the Rainbow. I have seen this character before play at TSI and it seemed to be about the same show. He has prerecorded songs that play off his Apple Notebook. He sings and performs in conjunction with the recordings. He started his part of the concert off with the sound check. It sounded OK, but you couldn’t hear what he was saying….so I said….Hey…I can’t hear what your saying. So he called me a “Fraternity Asshole….” and some other pretty funny things. The whole place cheered for him ripping into me. Embarrassed me just gave him the finger, but oh well…it was fun. After about 10 minutes being on stage and al ready jumping in the crowd once (and then not being able to get back on stage) the shirt comes off. It was funny, but not funny at the same time. He also graced us with his new tattoo sporting his new record label. It would of been cool, but it was an extremely new tat…meaning he tore the bandages off on stage and then crowd surfed. I didn’t want to touch him. So in conclusion of this act I would say I had more things to say about his “show” then his music, but maybe thats what he is looking for.

The Show is the Rainbow Tattoo

The Show is the Rainbow Tattoo

Short pause for a beer.

The Faint

The Faint

Now the Awesome and Fantastic group known as The Faint came on. Now before this time I was finding it hard to listen to their new CD. I was really hoping that they wouldn’t just play new stuff and then one old song and call it a night. They didn’t let me down. To start it off they played a new song, but immediately followed up with “Dropkick the Punks”. Holy Moly!!!. They were able to take every one of their best, fast paced hits and wrap them throughout their new cd to create an amazing set. The band was lively like they had been waiting weeks to perform, but yet it was probably there 20th night in a row doing the same show.

After about an hour of me and 7 other friends just rockin out it was time to head home, but we didn’t we hit TSI for some afterparty fun.

There was only one small issue that arose at the end of the show. Angie got her foot stomped and she broke her toe 😦


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