So is it just me or is it out of control?

Drugs Are Bad

Drugs Are Bad

The other weekend I was working my night job and started asking about one of the other employees. I hadn’t seen them in like 7 months. It was this awesome 20 year old guy that just seemed to know something about everything. Anyway…it turns out that he is addicted to heroine. Really? Heroine?! That baffles me. I can understand certain drugs, but I have never understood whatever caused anybody to even try it or want to.

It’s exremely sad to know that somebody just completely screwed themself in the course of a few months.

I’ve never been a drug user. I smoked a few times and had “fun” in Vegas once, but drugs in general just weren’t for me.

I would say 100% of people I have met this year (outside of my day job…because they wouldn’t share) smoked pot. Out of those people I would say 80% has done/continue to do cocaine or 50% of those people are/were into other drugs like LSD, Shrooms, Heroine…etc.

This is my first year being exposed to it and it has just sort of hit me.


2 thoughts on “So is it just me or is it out of control?

  1. Proud to announce I’ve never tried heavier drugs than alcohol, coffee and cigarettes!
    I am amazed too that so many smoked pot at some point in their life and to be honest I WOULD somewhere like to try pot, but then again, for WHAT? So, yes, I’d say it’s out of control…

  2. Well the part that I find strange is that I’m 25 and I’m now just being exposed to these things. After speaking to friends it has been around, but I just never noticed it. To me heavy drugs almost seemed fictional…as if they weren’t my world, but I was wrong it involves so many people around me.

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