Slip and Slides….What else should a club have?

Wet Hot American Summer - TSIThis Saturday, June 28, is the 3rd annual “Wet Hot American Summer” bash at the bar/club that I work at, TSI. This is a party that we throw every year based on the movie,”Wet Hot American Summer“. Good name for the party right. Well,  super excited is what I am. Friends and I just finished building a lifeguard chair to sit in and check ID’s. The chair is stable and the brightest orange you can find. We are going to have slip and slides, kiddie pools, beer, champagne, short shorts, and a whole mess of 1981 memorabilia If you are out and about in Jacksonille on Saturday stop and we’ll take care of you.


Bud Light…100% full of poop

So there is a new ad out for the lime flavored Bud Light. It’s apparently just like Miller Chill, but while watching the Bud commercial….they actually said “with 100% lime flavor”. What the hell does that mean? Just something to think about.

Zohan…What a guy!

This is a non-technical review with no spoilers for “Don’t Mess With Zohan”.

Ok…I have to admit that this was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn’t even know Adam Sandler had a new movie coming out until Thursday when TBS was playing “Mr. Deeds” and advertising the heck out of this movie.

So, a real quick thought on it without trying to spoil it. As far a crazy, goofy, retard Sandler movies go this is probably one of his best ones. “Billy Madison” and “Happy Gilmore” take the cake, but this movie is a little bit deeper. It’s A LITTLE smarter, but still Sandler to a “t”.

In the end I recommend. It would be a fun first date movie or even a good flick for all the friends to get together.

Well if my little review leads you to see the movie I hope you enjoy and learn to make life silky smooth.


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